Best Bathrobes for Men & Women – Top 6 Robes Reviewed

best bathrobeWho likes that cold air blast the moment you walk out from the bathtub? Your body freezes, and all of a sudden you are anything but calm.

Nothing beats wrapping yourself in the best bathrobe after having a shower or hot tub bath because it can keep you comfortable, safe, warm, and even stylish.

Having the bathrobe awaiting you in the closing of a busy day can change your experience. It is true if you need to feel as you are at the spa lounge or sauna at the convenience of your house.

In case, you are searching for the best robes without costing too much, our reviews and guides can help you select the one for both men, women, and unisex. We wish you find anything cool you enjoy from this list.

In this guide, we reviewed the top 3 robes on the market for both men and women. If you are a woman, just scroll bottom to find your recommended models.

What is the Best Bathrobe?

There are many brands in the marketplace that all give comfort and ease at all cost but finding out the perfect one for him & her might get a bit complicated. Because of this, we have created this list depending on looks and dress comfort.

Top 3 Men’s Bathrobes

1. Alexander Del Rossa Fleece Hooded Bathrobe

  • Hems close to calves, dual belt loop for the custom match, two huge pockets, very long sleeves, as well as hooded get this bathrobe a big hit.
  • Each one includes a matching female’s robe if you want to buy separately for couples.
  • There is plenty to pick for the designs – from larger sizes, solid colors, two-toned colors, and prints.
  • Also, it is machine-washable. Also, it has inactive dyes which will not run if you clean it keeping it like fantastic as new.
  • It is so lightweight and warm because it produced from microfleece and polyester.
  • The stitches are powerful to resist wear and tear associated with table edges or catching at doors.

2. Turkishtowels Terry Bathrobe

  • It made from real Turkish cotton along with a thick texture; this high-quality bathrobe will do its job for several years.
  • You will like how it seems on your body after a shower as its absorbent thus fast drying plus keeping you from all those annoying after-bath sneezings.
  • It doesn’t get loose following washing since it holds its shape without shredding; thus it is sturdy.
    It fits well on big and tall body frames because the manufacturer offers options.
  • It comes in a range of colors. These look rich as well as users report they are near to the hues displayed in the product image.
  • Most reviews say this bathrobe is super fluffy and roomy. Overall, seems it is ideal for those that tend to remain chilled, or are in winter seasons but not in summer.

3. TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Kimono Robe

  • It is a regular robe with a matching belt, two pockets, and kimono collar.
    Made from 100 percent Turkish cotton material, it is comfortable, soft, has an excellent water absorbing ability, and warm.
  • These robes are available in a wide range of shades to suit each type of male from ash to dark blue, so there is something for every taste.
  • The waistline is quite broad and extensive to fit all sizes and shapes, giving you a spacious feeling that is comfy but safe as well.
  • It is machine-washable and could get tumble dried but adhere to a mild wash if you can.
  • Customer reviews are right that people finding this bathrobe soft and sweet and merely the ideal heaviness.

Top 3 Women’s Bathrobes

1. Richie House Fleece Bathrobe

  • Richie House brand is among the best-rated and most popular bath robes for a woman mainly housewives.
  • If you are searching for an inexpensive plush and long robe without the hood, in that case, we highly suggest this one.
  • Also, it comes in various designs, so you possess many attractive choices. Each color got a different style so you will have to look at each photo well.
  • Twin pockets add more style and versatility to this bathrobe. You could warm your fingers, keep up along with your TV remote or phone.
  • It is well-built with high-quality materials plus easy to maintain and lasts you quite a while.
  • Its belt fastened to the shower robe. There is no losing belt inside the dryer thing or need to move it back over the loops each time you put it again and disrobe.

2. TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Robe

  • This bathrobe is moderate-weight, so you will enjoy a comforting feeling, while it also makes you warm.
  • This product is made from genuine Turkish cotton fabric to give the maximum level of luxury and comfort.
  • It features a timeless style that will compliment any make and body type, and you appear attractive.
  • This Turkish robe also has two pockets at the front and belt to customize your fit.
  • This mid-ankle bathrobe by TowelSelections is available in a range of colors. Therefore, you can pick your desired color easily.
  • There are five unique sizes sets available, so you are bound to discover the ideal size for whoever you are buying.

3. Seven Apparel Plush Robe

  • It’s a cute choice for those that need to feel the coziness and warmth offered by a plush and soft robe and save a bit of cash. It wicks moisture well.
  • It has a belt, two spacious front pockets, and a shawl collar. This beautiful herringbone belted garment is up to knee length.
  • It crafted from microfiber which has been polished to supply the highest comfort level.
  • This one size fits all product might feel somewhat too big for smaller structure and slightly too short for bigger frames.
  • It is sturdy and does not lose its color. However, it is slightly short for users who need to utilize it to retain warmth.
  • It is priced modestly and currently arrives in 6 different colors. If you are seeking for an affordable model, it is not a bad option.

Buyer’s Guide

woman morning bathrobe bathroom

Sure, a bathrobe might be warm or look stylish, but that is not always the situation; mainly when you are buying on the net. Do not worry, as we have put together this buyer’s guide to lend a hand along the way to victory. Just relax, sit back, and allow us to explain everything to you!

How Do I Select the Right Robe?

This particular section is created to guide you take the best decision. Take a bit time and think about some factors which will help to determine what bathrobe type will best suit your needs.

  • Comfort: It is the absolute reason for putting on a robe after all. When it comes to bathrobes, the more deluxe, the better. Also, select a material which is soft and plush to the contact, and makes yourself feel relaxed and cozy.
  • Fabrics: The option is not as simple as it appears since there are robes designed from several fabric types and materials combinations. The most common materials are cotton like pure Egyptian or terry cloth (terry, waffle, velour, flannel), silk (satin), microfiber (micro plush), fleece, bamboo, chenille, and cashmere.
  • Style: Fashion is the decider, even where robes are involved, and the most popular colors are pink, white, black, red, purple, yellow, blue, and green. You can even find Harry Potter or Jedi robes for serious fans. Also, you can order an embroidered, zippered, personalized, quilted or monogrammed robe along with your name initials stitched onto it. Select a design that works for you, also fits your wants.
  • Size: With bathrobes, a single size does not fit everyone. It is nearly impossible to look awesome and feel comfortable in such robe, as each user has a unique body. Hence, you should pick the one which suits you entirely from the given sizes choices available.
  • Price: Cost does not always mean quality. Nearly 50% of the models on this list are at an inexpensive price tag, despite their premium-quality. You must not be afraid to pay more since it merely a one-time investment you may make in several years. The brand name, for example, Parachute and the length are also essential factors which can impact your budget.
  • Cleaning: Ensure to pick a material that is simple to maintain and clean. A cotton bathrobe is machine washable and keeps its looks and softness for a long time. Chenille, satin, and silk robes need smooth washing to hold their initial color and shape. Consider how frequent you will wearing your bath robe to decide how regular it will have to get cleaned.

There is no right and wrong answer here. Styles come and go in the fashion world. However, in many situations, the classics stay at the peak of everybody’s favorites list.


This guide is a complete selection of the bathrobes in the marketplace. You will not go wrong along with whatever you pick, both to you, kids, college students, and like a present for somebody else or maybe for guests.

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